The Hunt

Our duck hunts take place primarily on the property in one or two locations in our many marsh compartments. Typically, we hunt from pit blinds but, on occasion, we may hunt from both satellite blinds or layout blinds depending on what we feel will be most successful.

You will typically awaken around 6 AM. After dressing and coffee, you will proceed to the boot room for final preparations for the morning hunt. Our staff will have already put out your decoys and prepared the blinds. All you will need to do is grab you shells and your shotgun and proceed to the chosen hunting location, typically less than a 10 minute drive!

We only allow shotguns of 28 gauge and 410 gauge for duck hunting in the marsh. Larger calibers are not necessary and these smaller weapons decrease significantly the noise disturbance of the waterfowl occupying our marshes. We have found the decreased disturbance greatly enhances our daily hunting opportunity and enjoyment. If only we could get our neighbors to follow suit!

Our hunting is typically finished by 10:30 each morning. After returning to our lodge facility, you will be treated to an excellent country breakfast, followed by your choice of napping or watching TV. Satellite internet is also available, as well as a hot tub and fire pit for your enjoyment.

Goose hunting is typically done in agricultural fields in the area but not necessarily adjacent to CCDC. Field spreads of top quality, full bodied decoys will be strategically placed in scouted fields where the geese have been observed feeding in previous days. As with the duck hunts, all preparations will have been made prior to your arrival. All you will need to do when you arrive is climb into your layout blind and load your shotgun.

Pheasant hunting is usually done in the afternoons. Many times, our guests choose to have sun downers on top of the hill overlooking Big Sky marsh, where they can observe thousands of ducks pouring in as the sun begins to set! Suffice it to say you will be well entertained and comfortable during your stay.

Transportation: Located 3 1/2 hours NW of Dallas, Texas, 1 1/2 hours SW of Oklahoma City, and 45 minutes North of Lawton, Oklahoma. If flying commercial fly into OKC or Lawton; vehicle rental is available there. If you will need transportation to and from airport arrangements can be made at an additional cost. Private planes can fly into Carnegie Municipal airport or into Weatherford, Oklahoma

Crooked Creek Duck Club

CR 2490 and CR 1220
Carnegie, Ok 73015